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Our company team began to form in 1999. We started with repairs and renovations of apartments and non-residential premises. Based on the experience we gained and the growing interest in our high-quality yet affordable and quick work, in 2005 we started with the construction of turnkey houses (CTD-BAU s.r.o.).

In 2011 the engineering and construction department gained a team of planners and designers, and it was separated into the new company BAUART s.r.o., which provides complete planning-design and construction services for its customers today:

  • Assistance in the selection, acquisition and execution of building plots
  • Typified and individual planning
  • Design projects of flats, houses and commercial buildings, 3D visualization
  • Settlement of approvals and documents necessary to obtain a building permit
  • Complete turnkey construction of civic amenity sites
  • Complete renovation of flats, residential houses and commercial premises
  • Settlement of building approval and registration in the Cadastre of Real Estate
  • Earthworks
  • Interior design and assistance in the selection, decoration and completion of interiors
  • We operate in: The capital city Prague, Prague-East, Prague-West

BAUART s.r.o. office

BAUART s.r.o. office

The total number of constructions and renovations performed by us over nearly 20 years of our work in the field is extensive. We perform the highest quality of work in smaller contracts as well as our main specialization, which are elite class buildings where, in addition to traditional construction work, we install multifunctional air conditioning systems, ventilation and air recovery, chilled ceilings, new economic electricity production systems (heat pumps, solar batteries), etc. We built swimming pools and SPA zones and installed new home automation systems (smart home). We have performed complicated tiling work, pargeting and paintwork.

During the construction of such buildings, more than 40 fields with over 100 specialists particpate in the work. Their organization, coordination and control must be handled by a company with great experience.

This professionalism is also guaranteed by the executive of the company, a certified civil engineer with a certificate of authorization, who personally oversees the construction process from the creation of the project to its handover to the owner.

We are proud to have proven, experienced, highly skilled and competent professionals in all professions, who regularly educate themselves in new trends, modern processes and materials. We can provide all the necessary work through our employees without having to procure people "from the outside", which reduces the cost of the work for the customer.

Another of our undisputed advantages is our flexibility and SPEED. We can work in two shifts from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm a day, including weekends without ADDITIONAL CHARGE. This significantly shortens the duration of the construction, and your home will grow in front of your eyes.


Keep this in mind when choosing your supplier, otherwise an inexperienced person will be allowed to complain about a "tough start" on your house for your money!

Of course, choosing the right, best construction company is the most difficult decision you have to make.

Let's try to tackle this problem together. We will be happy to provide assistance, and we are sure you will choose BAUART s.r.o., a professional company with a strong and stable position in the world of construction.


BAUART s.r.o.

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