Building construction

The BAUART s.r.o. team deals with the construction of all types of buildings: buildings for housing, civic buildings and industrial buildings. In the field of building construction, we have valuable experience in the construction of family houses, residential complexes, houses for social housing, restaurants, shops, kindergartens and industrial buildings.

We are professionally, mechanically and materially equipped for complete construction as a general contractor for natural persons, entrepreneurs and the public sector.

We are not afraid of new technologies, trends or timeless solutions. We are constantly learning, educating ourselves and using our practical and professional experience.

Thanks to the constantly high quality of our work, the expertise and experience of our workers, and our long-term cooperation with proven suppliers, we are fully competitive in the procurement of large and specific orders.

Purposeful and effective management of buildings is also largely responsible for our success, which we are rightly proud of. Thanks to the perfect organization of work and deliveries, our buildings are completed within a short period of time, yet always in first-class quality, exactly according to the customer's wishes.

BAUART experts perform the following construction work:

  • Masonry and concrete works
  • Welding and assembly of steel structures
  • Carpentry, roofing and tinsmithing
  • Electrical wiring
  • Plumbing and heating engineering
  • Installation of air conditioning and heat recovery systems
  • Waterproofing and insulation of buildings
  • Facade work
  • Pargeting and paintwork
  • Dry construction
  • Tile installation and flooring work
  • Wooden buildings
  • Paved areas and fences
  • Locksmithing

Building construction

Building construction

Building construction


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