Typified family house projects

Our company cooperates with three large Czech architecture studios specializing in typified family house projects. There are approximately 2,000 variants of stylish, architectural and technological variants for every taste. A typified project is a complete set of documents necessary to apply for a building permit. The cost of such a project is approximately 27,000 - 40,000 CZK, depending on the area of the house and the complexity of the architectural design.

The price of a typified project is approximately 27,000 - 40,000 CZK

You can buy the project directly from the company or through our company (this does not affect the price). Nevertheless, before buying a specific project it is better to turn to experts to help you choose the best option, taking into account the specificities of your plot, its orientation to the cardinal directions and the specifics of subsequent connections to utility networks. Moreover, if you wish, we will take care of any corrections or changes to the typified project, the development of the layout of the house, paths and small architectural forms and structures, the fence and gate project, the connection to outdoor utility networks, collecting and obtaining the necessary permissions for connection to outdoor utility networks, permission from state authorities, consent of neighboring real estate owners and obtaining permission to perform the work from the building authority. We additionally offer landscape design projects and interior design.

In the offered catalogs next to each variant, there is an approximate price of the construction of a "turnkey" house (excluding VAT). For houses with a total inside area of up to 350 m2, VAT is 15%, and for houses with an area of more than 350 m2, VAT is 21%.

The "turnkey" price means the house is in an appropriate condition to move in, but without a kitchen, lights and, of course, no furniture, curtains, etc. The materials and equipment used belong to the "standard" category with obligatory fulfillment of the requirements of state supervisory authorities for observing specific parameters of static, ecological, biological, fire safety and technological safety, permitted heat loss and sound proof indicators.

Unfortunately, this leads to our competition offering materials and equipment from the lower scale of permitted products. This is why customers are generally not satisfied with plastic windows, the simplest doors and sanitary technology, floor and wall coverings, etc. This is not a problem, because they can be exchanged if you wish.

After the purchase of a typified project, the collection of the necessary approvals and permits will take approximately 30 days, and after the necessary filing of the documents with the building authority it will take another 30 days. After this time, if you do not receive any prompts or a rejection of your application by the building authority, you can start with the construction. However, this "30 + 30" option is only suitable for houses with an area of up to 150 m2. For buildings with an area of more than 150 m2, it is necessary to obtain a building permit, which in turn means delaying the commencement of construction work by at least a month.

With a typified project, you will save at least 80,000 CZK compared to an individual project, and a large number of typified variants offered today make it possible to choose a house with its own unique style, character, atmosphere and a dignified European level of comfort.

Typified family house projects

Typified family house projects

Typified family house projects

Typified family house projects


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